★ IViyetnami





UTrần Huyền My, owaziwa nangokuthi u-Amee ungumculi nomlingisi waseVietnam. Uqale ukunaka izethameli ngo-2019 ngesikhathi ekhipha ingoma yakhe yokuqala ethi" Anh Nha O Dau The”. Futhi ngo-2019, uwine iGrammy Vietnam yakhe yokuqala ye-" The Best New Artist” kuma-Dedication Music Awards 2019. Lo mculi okhuphukayo uqeqeshwe iminyaka emi-4 futhi wavela ngaphansi kwe-ST.319 Entertainment.


★ IViyetnami

  • IViyetnami izwe lase - Eshiya. Isiqongo saseViyetnamu IHanoyi. Ulimi isiViyetnami.
  • Ubezalwa 2000 - 03 - 23 ngoNdasa 23, 2000 Iminyaka 21 IHanoi, IViyetnami Umdabu IHanoi, IViyetnami Izinhlobo Pop Amathuluzi Amazwi Isikhathi 2018 - manje Amaqembu
  • Idoloba likaHo Chi Minh isiViyetnami: Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh inhlokodolobha yaseViyetnami.

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